The College of Development Communication Freshman Council (CDCFC) Batch 2021 held a turnover ceremony for a new set of council members who will lead CDC’s Batch 2022 first-year students, shiftees, and transferees (FSTs) for AY 2022-2023 on October 10 via Zoom and Facebook live.

The CDCFC Batch 2021 also facilitated the election process of the incoming council members, which happened from September 28 to October 4.

During the event, outgoing CDCFC Chairperson Danica M. Azur and Vice Chairperson Angelo Andrei S. Antipuesto presented the accomplishment report of their batch, which included various collaborations with CDC and UPLB student organizations, as well as CDCFC-led initiatives such as the Devcom Survival Kit and Freshie DevCamp. 

“Our journey has come to an end, but this is not actually the end of our venture, but a new beginning of true service by and for the people,” Azur said in her turnover speech.

She also acknowledged the bloc representatives, assistant bloc representatives, and volunteers of their term.

Other members of the executive committee of CDCFC Batch 2021 were College Representative to the University Freshman Council (UFC) Mary Lou Feliz A. Torino, Secretary-General Rafael B. Dilla, Treasurer Stephanie Maries C. Regalado, and Public Information Officer Marius Cristan M. Pader.

Also present was CDC Student Council (CDCSC) Chairperson Shey Levita, who thanked the new set of officers for stepping up despite the challenges the freshies experienced in their first semester at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, transition from remote learning to limited face-to-face classes.

On the other hand, the Batch 2022 CDCFC members are composed of Chairperson Juthea Anne A. Gonzales, Vice Chairperson Raymond B. Balagosa, College Representative to the UFC Ferkins R. Catapang, Secretary-General Rhyah Austrie S. Reyes, Treasurer Darren Angelo A. Tongco, and Public Information Officer Jian Martin G. Tenorio.

“I am well aware of the hardships and challenges I may face during the journey, but I believe, it is both a calling and an opportunity to be in service,” said Gonzales in her acceptance speech.

The CDCFC Batch 2022 is set to proclaim their Freshman Bloc Assembly Nominee in the coming days. (Marco Rapsing; The cover photo featuring the CDCFC Batch 2021 was courtesy of Dan Alexander Abas)