The UPLB College of Development Communication’s (CDC) Mark Lester M. Chico, president of the Philippine Association of Communication Education, is representing the Philippines in the World Journalism Education Council (WJEC).

WJEC is a coalition representing academic associations worldwide that are involved in journalism and mass communication at the university level. By bringing organizations from six continents together, the Council hopes to provide a common space for journalism educators from around the world and to focus on issues that are universal in the field.

During the meetings in France, the Council elected its new chair and discussed, among others, the plans for the WJEC Congress happening in Perth, Australia in 2025 to be hosted by the Edith Cowan University with the theme “Journalism in uncertain times.”

At the conference of the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) in Lyon, WJEC, together with UNESCO, sponsored a panel on Teaching Journalism Today and launched the WJEC global survey report on the future of journalism and two new handbooks for journalism educators: Teaching Journalism Online and Reporting on Artificial Intelligence.

PACE, as an organizational member of the WJEC, will hold the Communication and Media Studies Conference (CMSC) 2023 on October 19-21 at the Lyceum of the Philippines Cavite with the theme “Communication and Media Education in the time of AI: Values, Ethics, and Practices.”