The College of Development Communication (CDC), led by Dean Maria Stella C. Tirol, held its 2023 Midyear Review and Strategic Planning Workshop on 4-5 July 2023 at the Development Academy of the Philippines in Tagaytay City, Cavite.

The workshop aimed to serve as an avenue to set the priorities and direction of the College for 2023-2025 through discussions on proposed programs, projects, and activities in the areas of administration and management, curriculum and teaching, research, extension and public service, and faculty, REPS, administrative staff, and student development and wefare towards the achievement of CDC’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.

It likewise aimed to strengthen teamwork and camaraderie among staff, through team-building activities.

A pre-planning workshop participated in by the CDC Executive Committee was held last June 15. A review of the status of programs, projects, and activities at the College- and Department/OCS-level was conducted. Accordingly, plans for 2023-2025 have been discussed. As inputs to this pre-planning workshop, departments held their own planning sessions and standing committees submitted their annual activity reports.