The Department of Development Journalism (DDJ) invited professional journalists and a journalism education scholar to aid in a course review session it initiated on 4 December 2023 in the College of Development Communication (CDC) Conference Room.

These included Stanley B. Gajete (News Correspondent, CNN Philippines), Levi Joushua Jr. Verora (Stadium Announcer and Commentator, Philippine Football Federation), Likha Cuevas-Miel (Head of Southeast Asia, Mergermarket), and Dr. Pauline Gidget R. Estella (Researcher, Technische Universität Ilmenau).

The DEVC 291 (Journalism Studies) class of Dr. Pamela A. Custodio also shared their paper scrutinizing the programs and curricula of various journalism schools in the world. Additionally, DDJ gathered initial feedback from other faculty members and students.

During the second part of the course review held on December 11, DDJ convened for a workshop, facilitated by its chair Asst. Prof. Aletheia C. Araneta, to reflect on the industry and scholarly insights of the experts and feedback from faculty and students to craft an initial course revision proposal.

In line with the 25th anniversary of CDC, the course review was part of DDJ’s efforts to contribute to future-proofing the reportage and multimedia production and management courses of the BS Development Communication program of CDC amid a rapidly evolving communication and media landscape.

The courses included for review were DEVC 11 (Introduction to Media Writing for Development), DEVC 20 (Fundamental of Development Journalism), DEVC 80 (Communication and Society), DEVC 125 (Writing and Reporting for Development), DEVC 126 (Participatory Development Journalism), DEVC 127 (Data Journalism for Development), DEVC 128 (Science Journalism for Development), and DEVC 136 (Multi-media Materials Production and Management). (Miguel Victor Durian)