As a follow up to a trainer’s training held in October 2023, the College of Development Communication (CDC) and its international partners conducted regional trainings on participatory video for agrifood systems and digital environments for Asia and Africa in November.

These partners were ComDev Asia, Yenkasa Africa, CCComDev, Digital Green, and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO).

Mentors from CDC included Dean Maria Stella C. Tirol, Dr. Edmund G. Centeno, and Dr. Trina Leah T. Mendoza, while facilitators included Asst. Prof. Rosa Pilipinas F. Francisco and Asst. Prof. Ryan Jay I. Galang. Mr. Guien Eidrefson Garma and Ms. Juvy Gopela served as training team members.

The training aimed to strengthen capacities to produce and use participatory video, assist practitioners in the application of participatory video to specific development issues, and facilitate experience-sharing and collaboration through communities of practice and technical assistance.

A total of 40 individuals from 5 Asian countries participated in Asia, while 30 individuals from 15 African countries participated. Most of the participants came from different farmers’ organizations, academia, and advocacy groups. They are now part of a vibrant community of practice for participatory video practitioners.

To read more about the trainings, visit the websites of ComDev Asia and Yenkasa Africa. (Miguel Victor Durian)