The Department of Educational Communication (DEC), CDC launched Kuwento Mo ‘Yan E!: An EdComics Compilation Volume on 07 June 2024 via Zoom. 

The Compilation Volume contains comics created, published, and shared by the members of the EdComics Team and DEC on the EdComics Facebook Page ( since its establishment in 2019 to 2024. The launch was attended by more than fifty participants, composed of academics and students from within and outside UPLB.

The creation of the Compilation Volume is DEC’s way of documenting the story of EdComics’ beginnings, the characters, the artists’ experiences, its production process, and the ongoing creation, improvement, and development of EdComics as a visual medium. A core team composed of DEC academic staff, administrative staff, and interns has worked on the compilation volume since 2023. The said group was directed by editors Ms. Renz Frances D. Abagat, DEC University Extension Associate II and Asst. Prof. Elijah Jesse M. Pine, DEC Chair.

In her opening message, Dean Maria Stella C. Tirol emphasized the potential and the role of EdComics as a creative and innovative communication and informational material and platform in the 21st century. 

Former DEC interns Mr. Emerey Ralph P. Racoma and Ms. Vera Karuna Sudaprasert and EdComics Artist Mr. John Anthony D. Mendoza also shared their stories and experiences as writers and layout artist of the Compilation Volume. 

The EdComics Team also recognized the contributions of the Compilation Volume’s Advisory Board, Asst. Prof. Jerard Ancel D. Eusebio, faculty member at the Department of Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences, UPLB, and Mr. Kevin Ray H. Valentino, Co-Founder and Event Head Organizer of the Seven Lakes Komiks Festival. 

DEC Chair Asst. Prof. Elijah Jesse M. Pine mentioned the uniqueness of producing creative outputs and emphasized the plans of EdComics to promote the use of comics as an educational medium to facilitate learning. 

The downloadable copy of the Compilation Volume may be accessed through this sign-up form:

EdComics is a Facebook page that serves as an online platform for informative and educational content packaged primarily through visual formats, specifically comics, posters, videos, animations, and GIFs. The content produced and posted in the EdComics Page are about: (1) university life, including facts and trivia about CDC, other colleges, and UPLB as a whole; (2) current events, especially those relevant to UPLB, municipality of Los Baños, and province of Laguna; and (3) pressing local, national, and international issues. (Renz Frances D. Abagat-Manrique)