CDC Lecture Hall (LR1 and 2)

There are also two (2) lecture rooms available. Lecture Room 1 has a capacity of approximately 70–80 students, and Lecture Room 2 can fit 40–50 students. A movable wall divides the two lecture rooms; when the divider is removed, both rooms can have a seating capacity of more than 150 students. Thus, this room is used during large gatherings, such as special College-wide programs and departmental exams

Media Lab (Rm 101B)

This section has 6 iMac units and 2 Windows PCs and a long table where students can create their non-digital outputs.

Media rooms / Annexes 1-3

There are four (4) annex rooms and a studio room, each of which has a capacity of 30-40 students. These are usually used for small lecture classes, and recitation and laboratory classes

CDC TV Studio

The TV production studio is another laboratory that the College has built up. The facility is used for packaging/producing development-oriented television programs that are aired in partnership with a local cable TV network. The experiences that the faculty and staff gain from this activity enable them to develop courses on television production

CDC Radio Studios (Radyo DZLB)

It serves as the extension arm of the University and, at the same time, a laboratory for development communication students. It broadcasts programs on various development-oriented themes in partnership with various agencies/institutions. It also airs dramas, news, and documentaries and conducts/implements schools-on-the-air, instructional broadcasts, and radio forums through the broadcasting courses of the College. Most of these are done via “DZLB Online!” while awaiting the construction of the new transmitter tower.

CDC Reading Room

The CDC Reading Room is mandated to build collections on communication in general, development communication, and its allied fields. It began collecting reading materials in the mid-1970s and had been building its collections since then. It has up-to-date reference materials, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks that cover general communication topics, including social research, international development, journalism, new media, science communication, and education, among others. 

CDC Rooftop