Seven academic staff members from the Department of Educational Communication (DEC) participated in the 2024 DLSU Seminar on Research Publication in Education held at The Verdure, De La Salle University Manila, 15 April 2024.

These included Mr. Elijah Jesse M. Pine, Assoc. Prof. Mildred O. Moscoso, Asst. Prof. John Mervin L. Embate, Asst. Prof. Romel A. Daya, Asst Prof. Rovil A. Espiritu, Asst. Prof. Clarisse M. Gonzalvo and Ms. Renz Frances D. Abagat-Manrique.

The seminar featured research presentations from Dr. Joyce Koh, Associate Professor in Higher Education at the University of Otago, New Zealand; Dr. Andy Gao, Professor at the School of Education at the University of New South Wales, Australia; and Dr. Youyan Nie, Associate Professor at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. All three resource persons are key editors of The Asia-Pacific Education Research (TAPER), a Scopus Q1 internationally refereed journal published by the DLSU Publishing House.

Dr. Koh shared the results of their research at Otago titled Online Dexterity: Implications for Post-COVID Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. On the other hand, Dr. Gao presented his research results titled Agency in Language Education. Lastly, Dr. Nie presented her research titled Motivation to Learn Science: Discover the Profiles of Students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. 

The last part of the program was a Forum on Publishing in Top Publications moderated by Dr. Timothy Teo, Professor of Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the editor-in-chief of TAPER. During the forum, the speakers shared their experiences and imparted tips in writing research papers, refining manuscripts after receiving reviewers’ feedback, dealing with writer’s block and academic burnout, and submitting papers in leading academic journals about education. 

Other educators and education researchers from institutions from Manila, Bicol, and Leyte, among others also participated in the seminar. (Renz Frances D. Abagat-Manrique & Elijah Jesse M. Pine)